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Cycle in the heart of Veneto, between Walled cities, Venetian Villas and Palladio’s masterpieces.

€740 / per person
6 days - 5 nights

A cycling holiday to discover the essence of the Lands of Venice: Terme Euganee, Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Venice and its famous Lido.

€1580 / per person
8 days - 7 nights

A weekend of biking into nature, with the wind in your hair, around castles and ancient walls. The authentic Veneto among some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, cycling between Battaglia Terme, Monselice, Arquà Petrarca and the Euganean Hills.

€410 / per person
3 days - 2 nights

An itinerant journey in the path of the craft tradition of the fashion industry in Veneto, from its origins to its most innovative expressions. Experiential activities through 4 provinces of Veneto to discover its unique specialties.

€1500 / per person
7 days - 6 nights

One journey to discover the flavors and theatricality of the Veronese land. Let’s dive through the nuances of Veneto's culture and passion for food through dreamy tastings, enchanting places and real-life experiences.

€790 / per person
4 days - 3 nights

A sparkling tour of the Prosecco hills with a strong artistic slant, differentiated according to the events taking place between late July and late October in this beautiful area.

€1050 / per person
4 days - 3 nights