Tobacco, Grappa, Baccalà: bohème in the Veneto style


Tobacco, Grappa, Baccalà: bohème in the Veneto style

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Discovering some of the oldest traditions, roots of indigenous culture, exploring some authentic areas with timeless charm in the less touristic area of Veneto.

The Veneto region has always called upon a long-standing tradition of dedication to hard work and toil: the evening was the perfect time for a well-deserved break… with cigars and grappa!
We are on vacation, let’s leave duty alone and go straight to pleasure! On this tour we will discover some of the oldest and most characteristic traditions of the Vicenza area, a mix of influences from across the border and roots of indigenous culture, moving from the most touristy places to authentic areas with timeless charm and trying the delicious products of these lands: from the tobacco of the Brenta banks, to the Grappa of Bassano, tasting the Baccalà of Sandrigo and the wine of the first foothills of the Alps. How about the original Tiramisù for dessert?

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    Bassano del Grappa - Veneto
Day 1
An historic Venetian Villa is the accomodation for our tour: we can still breathe in the stately atmosphere of the 16th century through the fine furnishings, the rustic flavor of the setting and the dinner based on typical products that will make us feel welcomed in a homey environment.
Day 2
not far from the Villa runs the Alta Via del Tabacco, which follows the Brenta Canal, a place that was once impervious and difficult to cultivate. To revolutionize the Canal's poor economy, an exotic plant arrived in the second half of the 17th century: tobacco. Of the centuries-old cultivation, memories remain in the characteristic terraces supported with high dry-stone walls, the masiere. We then prepare to walk a short section of this hiking trail and witness to a history that still continues. After a nice walk, we stop in Campese, where we visit the production plant of Antico Sigaro Nostrano del Brenta 1763, the last great survivor of the tradition: they explain us how the harvesting and processing takes place until the finished product, the only cigar made completely in Veneto. We then head to Bassano del Grappa, our throats a little dry from the walk and the cigar: time to try a good grappa! After lunch at a typical restaurant in Bassano, we are scheduled to visit the Nardini distillery. Active since 1779, it is an essential stop to understand the roots of this area. Concluding our tour of the Grapperia, we take a nice tour of the historic center of Bassano del Grappa. We can stroll along the riverfront, discover the Ezzelini Castle, visit the Sturm Palace and the Ceramics Museum.
Day 3
The day starts with the visit to the Sojo Park, where nature and art live in symbiosis. It houses 80 works of contemporary art created by international artists, many of them made directly on site and with natural raw materials. After this recharge of energy, we descend in altitude to reach Sandrigo, where we will taste the delicious baccalà alla vicentina (venetian style cod). Sandrigo celebrates every year the Festa del Baccalà, an event that lasts about 10 days and represents a meeting with the community of Røst, a small island in the Norwegian Lofoten archipelago where the cod used to prepare the dish is fished and dried. After lunch if our weekend is long, we can decide whether to make a stop in Marostica, a medieval fortified town with the fascinating Piazza degli Scacchi, where we can enjoy local dishes (for example, its cherries and Bassano asparagus). Alternatively, we can return to the hills around Bassano, and have a nice aperitif in a winery with a modern and artistic design. At the Contrà Soarda winery we can taste their biodynamic wines and enjoy spectacular views.
Day 4
Why not take a nice horseback ride on the slopes of the Venetian mountains? Or we can stay at the Villa to try our hand at a mouth-watering experience: the Tisamisù cooking experience, where we will learn how to create it while enjoying a good glass of wine!
Includes booking of all services including  3 nights Villa accommodation with with dinnersa and breakfast, tobacco factory visit and tasting, Grappa museum and tasting, entrance to Parco del Sojo, 1 lunch baccalà-based, tiramisù cooking experience   Does not include travel Bassano del Grappa, lunches, tourist tax where applicable, extraordinary on-site assistance, medical insurance/baggage insurance and anything not included in “includes.”